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ティエフケーは、1959年12月9 日の創業以来、国内初の機内食会社として、日本の機内食ケータリング業界のリーディングカンパニーとして航空業界発展の一翼を担ってまいりました。私たちは、すべてのお客様にご満足いただけるよう常に食の安全を基盤として、最高の品質とサービスの提供をモットーに、多様化するニーズに応えるべく豊富な経験と知識を活かし、高い信頼と評価をいただいております。



2010年12月、私たちはシンガポール上場企業SATS Ltd.のグループ企業となりました。同SATS社はアジアを軸に域内47空港で航空関連事業をはじめとして、多種多様な事業を手掛けるグループ会社から構成される企業です。シンガポール証券取引所の上位30社によるストレーツタイムス指数(SIT)の一社としても名を連ねています。同社からは取締役として事業運営にも積極的な参画をして頂いておりますが、単なる知見交換に留まらず、人・技術・運営に於ける交流を促進し、グループとしてのシナジー(Connectivity and Scale)を発揮できるよう努力してまいります。


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Narita Head Office:141 Furugome, Narita International Airport, Narita City, Chiba 282-0004 Japan
TEL: +81 (0) 476 -21-1234

Haneda Branch:3-2-8, Haneda Airport, Ota-ku, Tokyo 144-0041 Japan
TEL: +81 (0) 3-5579-7903

Founded December 9,1959
Capital (Yen) 497,250,000
Directors & Auditor
  • Chairman (part time)
  • Alex Hungate
  • Vice Chairman
    (part time)
  • Koichi Nomaguchi
  • Representative Director
  • Hirohito Sato
  • Director (part time)
  • Makoto Fukada
  • Director (part time)
  • Vincent Chan
  • Director (part time)
  • Thomas Ching
  • Auditor (part time)
  • Manfred Seah
Executive Officers
  • President
  • Hirohito Sato
  • Indirect Departments
    Internal Controls
    Information Technology & Systems
  • Vice President
  • Jimmy Ng
  • Sales & Commercial
Shareholder SATS Investments Pte.Ltd.
Tokyo Airport Services Inc.
Employees 783 staff (April 1, 2021)
Description of Business
  • Preparation and loading of in-flight meals
  • Management of hotels and restaurants
  • Preparation and sale of boxed lunches
  • Sale of cigarettes
  • Sale of liquor
  • Warehousing and renting rooms
  • Non-Airline Catering including Institutional Catering, Sales of Products for Retail Business, etc.
  • Receiving Advertisement Income
Subsidiary and AssociateCompanies
  • New Tokyo Service Co., Ltd. (Equipment Washing & General Cleaning, Manpower supply)
  • In-Flight Foods Co., Ltd. (Processed Food Sales)
  • Narita Dry Ice Co., Ltd. (Production & Sales of Dry Ice & Ice Cubes)
  • Tasco Foods Co., Ltd.(Confectionery & Bakery)

History of TFK

Annual Career
Prepared and served Japan’s First in-flight meal
Tokyo Flight Kitchen Co. established
Began operations and took over catering from Tokyo Airport Service Co.
Company name became Tokyo Airline Food Co.
Company Head Office moved to its present site at New Tokyo International Airport
Narita Airport Resthouse opened
Building a new headquarters building
Introduced Corporate Identity (CI) concept to commemorate 30th anniversary
Company name changed to TFK Corporation
Haneda Branch Office relocated to the cargo section at Haneda Airport
Narita Head Office awarded ISO9002 Certification
Began operations at its Shibayama Warewash Facility which has as its main function washing equipment from arrival flights
Narita Head Office updated ISO Certification to 9001:2000
TFK’s main Narita Airport Facility renovations completed with zoning based on HACCP concepts
Haneda Branch Office awarded “TOKYO FOOD HYGIENE MEISTER”
Haneda Branch Office awarded ISO9001:2000 Certification
Narita Head Office and Haneda Branch Office updated ISO Certification to 9001:2008 (Returned in September 2018)
TFK became part of the Singapore based SATS Group of companies
Narita Head Office Awarded ISO 22000 Certification (Returned in August 2020)

We are SATS Group

From December 2010, TFK joined Singapore based SATS Ltd., an established provider of extensive gateway services and food solutions. This forward-looking partnership of leading caterers has created exciting new synergies and business opportunities. This new relationship also further enhances TFK’s role as Japan’s premier in-flight catering company meeting the increasing demands of both new and established customers at Narita and Haneda International Airports where TFK remains the First Choice in inflight catering.
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